Obsessed with the new American Legacy STASH CO bags. 
Thanks Cheryl for letting me use your Tumbleweeds shades. Mine are in the mail as I type!
We loved the set guys! You rocked it! Can't you tell by Kelly's face?
Kelly's shades were a hit thanks to Lulu's! Stay tuned for a full post on their blog July 18th.
Sydney went to her first Rock show and she did Awesome! UGH just look at that face!
Mills once again you did a fantastic job planning and hosting all of this fun! Thank You!
The Wandering Bufaleros Aka Band of Best Friends.

Things that come to mind when I think of the 4th:
stash co
the sandlot
pool time
corn on the cob
american flag
red, white, and blue
cold brewskis

I started the day at Washington Gym with my friends. It was crazy packed since there was only one class the entire day. We were thinking it would be an easy day but we were wrong. Every one of us walked out of there drenched and gasping for air. The playlist was all AMERICA themed too. YES!!!

Party in The USA- Miley
Firework- Katy Perry
We're the Kids in America- Kim Wilde
Born In the USA- The Boss
American Pie- Don McLean
American Woman- Lenny Kravitz
American Girl- Tom Petty

Later Kelly came over and we got ready to go to Liberty Station where most our friends were going to be for the entire day. Wandering Bufaleros and Tom Lynch Band were playing (Jacob plays bass in both). Outside in the Houston heat all day, and you know it wasn't too bad, we were under the patio and a nice breeze would kick by from time to time. Yesterday was perfect, the location was just 5 min down the road if even, and our crew along with friends I hadn't seen in a long time were there. Jacob was bummed because we left before the fireworks started but we had to get up early today. Besides you could see the fireworks from our backyard.

The night ended with Bootsie and Zeyk and our feet in bed with us until Kelly came home and took Zeyk to sleep by her. Wahhhh!