Dear Rannie,

I didn't lose my Chrisrann toe rings in the ocean this time. Now you don't have to make me new ones. These are perfect. Thank you for making Brandeetoe rings. You are the best boo boo.



We're back from California and so beat. We had a late flight in and once we got home Jacob, Tyler and I were starving! So we did the typical not so good for ya thing and Jacob got us Whataburger while we watched SYTYCD.

Now it's a new day and I'm wishing I didn't eat fast food at 1 in the morning. I have a slamming day at the salon then I gotta come home and pack for Austin. Hopefully, Jacob will get some laundry done for me (crossing fingers). Kelly and I head out in the morning to Austin for Texas Style Counsel. I am half asleep right now but I really am stoked going on a roadtrip with Kelly for some sister sister time. I don't know what to expect or who we will meet but it's gonna be a good time!

California Posts coming up soon.... I need to upload all the fun first.
You can get a little taste of our trip on Instagram @BuenoBrandi

Thanks Tank (BIL) for picking us up from the airport so late! You are the best!