TUNE IN TUESDAY /// Candidly Nicole

I have had a strong love for Nicole Ritchie since The Simple Life. For me, she made that show. She is inapropro and just slap your knee hilarious! In a perfect world we would be best friends. I know my friend Joe feels the same way because he was the one who asked me if I have been watching her you tube channel. I was like, "WHAT!? How did I not know this?" And thank God he did because you know how it is in the summer with nothing to watch....missing all my shows. This Youtube channel provided much needed entertainment and laughs. I hope you enjoy.

This week I am so excited about my shows coming back. Kelly thinks I am looney because I wrote them in my planner so I wouldn't forget.

Tuesday /// NEW GIRL
Wednesday /// NASHVILLE & SVU
Thursday /// GLEE & PARENTHOOD

What shows are you waiting for? Is there a show I should be watching? Don't worry, I watch Revenge and Homeland as well but those don't start til next week!!!!! Yes I am a T.V. junkie at night.