POP QUIZ /// The Brat Pack

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We freaking love these movies. We grew up watching them. Me being a child of the 80's I made sure to share the classics with my younger sibs. John Hughes was a Genius when it came to making movies. There is always that one character in the movie you can relate to, always that one you are routing for, and always one you have the biggest crush on! One time our group had a John Hughes Month where every monday we had movie night and watched a couple of our favorites. I think it's time to do it again.

This quiz was in the back of my collection and I thought I would share the fun. So go ahead and rack your brains then answer the questions below. I'm dying to know!

What is your favorite Brat Pack Movie?
Who do you relate to the most?
What is your favorite moment?
Which movie has the best soundtrack?