AROUND MY HOME /// The Cartlands


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(all photos provided by Katy Cartland)

Names ///  Katy and Connor Cartland from The Clever Bunny

What would you call your decor style or if you had to give your house a name what would it be ///
I guess I would say vintage eclectic. I am drawn to clean, Mid century lines, but I love adding different elements with colorful or graphic textiles and traditional looking flower arrangements. I have been trying to streamline my style a little more to give my tiny house a less cluttered feel.

How long have you lived here /// 
One year

What is the square footage /// 
About 1050 sq ft

Where do you live ///
Fair Heights, Tulsa

Favorite room in the house or where you spend most your time /// 
My favorite room is the dining room because I love everything in it and it gets so much light. 

Where do you gather inspiration from ///
I wonder thrift stores looking for inspiration - if I see something I like, I try to imagine how it would fit in my home, or if I could move some things around to make it work. I look at numerous blogs everyday, too!

Favorite Design Blogs or Magazine ///
My favorite blogs right now in terms of style are Door Sixteen and Manhattan Nest. Daniel from Manhattan Nest just purchased an amazing old home that he is completely redoing himself and that is kind of my life's dream. He's so good! And of course, Design Sponge. 

Up coming projects ///
 I have some reupholstering that has been on deck for a while - the green chair in my living room with the graphic pillow needs some love and that is my next big project! I've also got lots of clients booked for photographs, so I've been busy with that.

What is your biggest challenge in decorating /// 
I struggle with "vignetting", or how to curate the things in my home. Some people just have the distinct ability to know how to group things together on a shelf or table, and I have always lacked that innate skill. I am trying to learn the art!