Where do you look for home inspiration? Our greatest source for Home decor is still old movies and traveling. I feel it's so easy to get in a habit of just looking at the same thing on pinterest and everyone's homes start to look the same. I want my home to be clean, no clutter, have tokens that remind me of experiences, and I want each and every piece to mean something. I don't want it all to match but I want it to flow and I want it to be warm and inviting. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed because I like so many different styles, just look at my Pinterest page, Kelly's too! We can never decide on one theme/mood/style.

The photo's above are little photo's I snapped when I spent the night at Kelly's the other weekend. I am loving everything she is doing to that little country home. I can't wait until she posts her AROUND MY HOME. It's perfect.

A Bueno Home Must Have
/Comfy bed with too many pillows
/Special items passed down from parents, grandparents, relatives
/Plants, so we can pretend we can keep them alive
/Record player + vinyl collection
/Casette player + old cassettes
/A solid coffee mug collection
/Books books and more books
/Hide rugs
/Throw blankets for movie time!
/Guest room for out of town friends or siblings that crash too much ;)
/Full length mirrors
/Feathers + rocks from travels
/Photographs enlarged
/Vintage flags/buntings

What is your home like? What are some key items you must always have?