It's Saturday! Something about Saturday mornings are so fun. Waking up early, drinking coffee, jamming your favorite tunes to get you up and going. We have been going through boxes of junk and reorganizing our life this weekend. We were suppose to go camping but Jacob got sick so we have been taking advantage of our time together and checking things off our long list of things to do around our house. The goal is THROW IT AWAY! GET RID OF IT! NO MORE CLUTTER!
Where is Kelly you ask? She is working around the clock on the set of a movie doing set design, I have not seen her except for when she stops by our house to pick up some random prop. That girl needs to slow her roll so we can hang out!

Need to get this weekend ///
Hanging indoor plants
The perfect white tee and buy 5 of them (HELP WHERE DO I GO?)

Oh and just remember YOU ARE RADICAL!!! Get outside and have some fun!