The sun, the rain, the fog, the cold, the heat, even the Houston humidity, I love it all. There's plenty of beauty to be observed in everything. I'm the kind of soul that would prefer to drive across the country vs fly just to be a part of the transition and soak up every part. I know it's my home state, but driving across Texas is still at the top of my list. We have oceans, rivers, lakes, natural springs, woods, beaches, hills, desert, mountains, you name it. If you're bored in Texas, you are doing something wrong. Heck, if you are bored anywhere, you are doing it all wrong.

One of my NYR is to take a trip (new location) once a month, even if it is just a day trip and I'm planning my trips around hiking trails and bodies of water. I feel like I'm going to be living in this surfsuit all spring/summer! It's the perfect combination of practical (no flashing or sunburns) and cute while I'm out eating salt water (I'm currently learning how to surf... it's rough for this newb, but I wouldn't have it any other way).

I'm challenging myself this year to create the perfect day 365 times. So far, so good. Cheers!

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