Highlights of the week ///
Meal prepping
Mark gave us Lorde tix, and it was AWESOME!
Mirna our maid from the salon, came and cleaned our house. Feels so good!
Seeing results from #30daysofbeingawesome
Being Featured on the Teva Blog
Working out again
Bought my tickets to Hang Out Fest, still waiting on Kel.
Lululemon Store Opening (First Colony) Thanks Megan for the awesome gear!

I think it's really important to look back at your week to see what goals you accomplished or how you spent your time. If you remember to do this every saturday, it will help you set new goals and help you manage your time more efficiently for the upcoming week. Sometime we lay in bed and lose sleep because we are stressed and we just have way too much on our mind. Try writing it all out on paper. Sometimes it's just a big ol' list of things to do but I guarantee you that you will feel less weight on your shoulders.