Not gonna lie, sometimes we collect records just because we like the photo or artwork on the front. Especially, if it has anything to do with surf culture. I think I own every beach boys album, maybe even a few duplicates. Some of the random surfy albums have become my favorite morning music. They just bring me back to weekend mornings in the Cotton Field Way house when we would wake up really early to records spinning, the smell of pancakes and coffee luring us down the stairs, yes I drank coffee as a kid, and the sunlight. That memory is so vivid. The sunlight in that house was insane, the blinds were always open and the sun just beamed in so bright. Music Blaring. Man, those mornings were the best.

Kelly and I have put together a SURFY SUNDAYS PLAYLIST . Whatever your doing today, even if your not headed to the beach, jam this while having your morning Joe. We all want some Surfy Sundays in our life right?

So grab your Surfy Sundays Mug, drink your coffee, and enjoy the music.