This is what you would find me working out in most the time.

I don't pinch pennies when it comes to workout pants or sport bras,  Lululemon has the best selection no doubt.  When it comes to shirts I will throw on any ragged ol' tee. As for shoes I am all over the place, I have a variety. Still searching for the best running shoe for my hill sprints days, but for doing typical workouts I like the old school classics.

Sports Bra-I have the hardest time finding sport bras that do the job, this one rules.
Vintage Tee
Thrifted Fanny
Pants- I'm telling you just try them and you will be hooked.
Water Bottle -I have the worst problem with drinking water so carrying this around helps big time.
The Best Protein Bar-I have one with me at all times, and we are fully stocked at the salon too.
Jump Rope-Kelly got me into this
Head Phones (how do I always lose these)

Workout of the day /// Conditioning
Warm Up // ( I like to do this on the bridge by my house)
20 walking lunges / 10 Jump Squats / Short run  (repeat 4 rounds)

60 sec on/ 30 Sec off / 4 rounds
Jump rope 
Speed Squats

I stopped going to the gym because of my schedule but I really miss the group training. Now I get emails sent to me with daily workouts so that I can stay in shape. But dude...working out on your own is a lot harder because I don't have a trainer standing over me telling me to push harder. Costa Rica is my biggest motivation right now because I need the endurance for surfing.

Kelly and I will be posting about our experience with the 30 day challenge later this week.