GOTCHA /// Hang Out Fest 2014

HANGOUT 2k14 107

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HANGOUT 2k14 073

HANGOUT 2k14 032

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HANGOUT 2k14 024

HANGOUT 2k14 138

HANGOUT 2k14 005

HANGOUT 2k14 118

HANGOUT 2k14 121

HANGOUT 2k14 153-2

I was suppose to go to Hang Out Fest this year with my friends. I bought my ticket, we got a condo, and then life happened. I came back from Costa Rica and a series of unfortunate events helped me make the decision to sell my ticket and stay in town. I am at a really good place in my life and I decided family was more important than going to a music festival on the beach. Thank God my friends understood and that we had Colton Becker to give us a glimpse of how awesome it was. I mean, look at that beach and that sky! Thank you Colton for taking video of Jack Johnson! Man...

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