First photo: The Bueno Shop // All other photos via pinterest

What is it about the ocean that's so intriguing? My ankle is fully functioning again (remember my dumb tumble?) and all I can think of when I see the ocean is getting a wetsuit, grabbing a board and getting back in the water. 

This past week, I drove up to Maine, saw some battleships, tried out a lobster roll at Bob's Clam Hut, and looked out at the ocean from coast of Maine. How cool is that? Other than looking at battleships, I've never done any of those things before.

While driving a 15 passenger van around Maine, I had a tiny grin of satisfaction. The sky was perfectly gray, making all the colors of the Fall leaves pop just right. The air was salty. Food was good. Company was good. Pearl had the perfect soundtrack playing. It was a simple, but the amount of 'happy' I was feeling was surreal.

Today, I'm off to the next town for another adventure. I'll be posting some travel snap shots this week, but until then you can follow along on IG @ihearbueno.