Black on Black

Black on Black
Necklace  |  Jacket  |  Top (thrifted)  |  Denim   |  Hair

I'm not sure if it's work, travel, winter storm Octavia or the color of my hair, but lately I've been diggin' the black on black. It makes living out a suitcase a whole lot easier :)

The last couple of weeks, I've been traveling in a van for work and the last two days driving was probably the most insane. We began our long drive from San Antonio, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday. Crashed for the evening in Bryant, Arkansas and woke up Monday morning to a block of ice that use to be our tour van. Thank you winter storm Octavia! After an hour of defrosting/deicing the van, we began our slow 23 hour drive on ice (should have been 6) from Bryant to Nashville. Never again. That drive made a few weather fearing travelers out of us. We all agreed that the next time the wind blows the wrong way, we hotel it another night.

Today I fly home (if Octavia allows it) to Houston, Texas for the last time before officially becoming a Nashville resident again. It's been four or five years since I lived in Nashvegas and I'm so stoked to get back.

Below are a few items, I'd love to add to my blackout collection aka my rolling suitcase.