Dang, You Look Good Billy


This is how we spent our 7 year anniversary. Opened some champs at the casa and drove to Billy Reid. The plan was to wear something new to dinner, originally we were going to thrift our outfits but decided to go check out Billy Reid first... so the thrifting never happened. Pretty sure we were obsessed with every item we tried on so we took our time sipping on whiskey and hanging out in clothes that made us look cool. How'd that happen? After we made our purchases they brought out one more thing for me to try on (the last photo) because they wanted to see how it looked, they knew exactly what would happen. I fell in love. Bought the outfit and we left very giddy.

On Jacob
Shirt 1
Shirt 2 

On Me
Sweatshirt with Leather Patches
Harvey Leather Jacket

*We did not stick to our envelope system yesterday.