WWBW ///


Hello friends! I missed y'all! I don't know about y'all but after the Holidays I was feeling a bit unmotivated, all I wanted to do when I wasn't working at the salon was just to relax, hang out with Jacob, drink wine, eat everything in sight and watch Netflix. The weather probably had a huge part in that with being cold and rainy everyday. Don't get me wrong it was awesome at first, I embraced it, but I am one of those people who are totally affected by the weather and working out. Finally The sun came back and I broke out of that unmotivated /uninspired state and started working out again. So here I am back in action!

Have any of y'all heard about Kayla Itsines? This is the new program I started and so far I am really loving it. I've completed the 4 week pre-training and now I am on week 2 of 12. So if any of y'all are doing this let me know how it's going for you! Her instagram is full of inspiring before and after posts incase you wanna check it out.

Also if you have any podcasts or music you think I need to listen to during my workouts I would love  recommendations!!! So far I listened and loved Serial, and can't stop jamming Pharrell and Bruno Mars!