I have been recieving a lot of texts, emails, and comments about this whole Kayla Itsines program so I decided to just answer them all in one post.

1. Are you seeing results?
Yes, I look like Gisele now.... I WISH! I am stronger, and the days where I am on point with eating I can see my abs poking through. My arms are more toned, my butt is lifting and my legs are slimming down again. The Holidays really did a number on me with laziness and over eating. You can see results from women all over HERE

2. Are the workouts hard?
I'll let you decide, I am doing the program to challenge myself and get a good sweat in. Don't be intimidated though it's 28 min of cardio and strength training and there is a pre-training program to ease you in. You can get a 7 day free trial HERE, The progress photos from women all over is what got me interested. Yes it's going to be hard, do what you can and push yourself, you will be proud.

3. How many days do you have to work out?
Well M-W-F I do 28 min of her program ( 4 sets of 7 min with a 30 sec break in between) and the days in between you do LISS (fast paced walking for 35-45 min) so 6 days a week and 1 day of rest. Sometimes I like working out twice a day just because I like to. I don't do her work out twice I just might go to the gym and walk at an incline, do sprints or I might go on a jog with Zeyk.

4. Do you still drink alcohol?
Heck yes, I enjoy Pinot Noir way too much to give it up completely. I just plan ahead now so if I'm going to eat out or get together with friends I make sure I work out really hard that day, maybe twice that day so I can have way more calories to enjoy the whole experience.

5. What do you do in your workout?
SWEAT A LOT! Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Lunges, Jumping lunges, Walking lunges, Squats, Jump Squats, Step ups, Knee ups, Push ups, Sit ups, Jump rope and a number of variations to all the above. I just write my workouts out from her downloads and take to the gym, Week 5 really went up a notch. So you do circuit one as many times as you can in 7 min, then you take a 30 sec break, then you start on circuit two and do everything as many times as you can in 7 min, take a 30 sec break, then Repeat. Make sense?
6. What do I need?
Yoga Mat
Jump rope
Medicine ball or you can use a heavier Dumbbell instead.
I use a chair for step ups if I am not at the gym

7. Can I do this workout at home?
Yes, I did it at home the first 4 weeks during pre-training, sometimes I go to 24 Hour because Jacob likes going to the gym together.
8. Do you like the meal plan?
I really do, I haven't tried all the meals yet but so far everything I have tried is legit. I like how she breaks everything down for you. I do try and eat every 3 hours with the breakdown of the nutrition plan so that I am eating a total of 5 times a day, I'm a feed the beast type. AND YOU CAN EAT CARBS!!! Praise the Lord!

9. Is Kelly doing the workout?
Yes, she just started yesterday. She is back in Nashville and this is something she can do at home or on the road. I am really excited about us both doing this program to push each other more.

10. I want to see progress photos will you post those?
Do you really? Because I have done that in the past and some people get all weird about it.

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