Sunnies // Bueno Beach Blanket // Floral denim (Thrifted)

These are the questions that go through my head almost daily ///
Are you living the life you always imagined for yourself?
If you are not, what steps are you taking to get there?
Why are you not taking those steps?
Do you even know what you want? 
What is your end Goal?
Are you living up to your potential?
What are you afraid of?
Are you doing the things that truly make you happy?
What next?

I think these questions really hit hard especially around birthday's. I am a fan of change, I get bored if I am not constantly working on something or dreaming up a plan. So many plans.... but I don't always follow through. Why? Because of Fear. My mother always say's "Fear does not come from God." I know this but somehow I still let it stop me from so many things. After our salon Do or Dye Tx was created I immediately thought ok now what? After we made our first Bueno Tee, I wanted to create more... So my goal... My goal is to dig deep and really be able to answer all those questions truthfully. I want to use my gifts and feel satisfied. Anyone with me here?

I mean how often do we just sit in silence, alone with our thoughts and no distractions. It's kind of scary.