FIX YO MOP /// 3 Braided Styles with Extensions





Lately on our days off we have been going into the Salon to play with each others hair and plan out Hair Classes. Last week we had a lot of fun with The Irresistible Me hair extensions and to keep it going I wanted to show y'all three different styles with braids. Lindsey began with giving me and everyday look of pigtail fishtails and leaving it messy. The second look we were channeling Princess Leia and also representing my fellow Aries by winding the braids up. This would work for everyday but it would be fabulous getting all dressed up. The third look she criss crossed the fishtails and pinned the ends under. I could see this being an edgy bridal/ bridesmaid updo, am I right? I prefer having extensions in when wearing braids down or in an updo just to achieve the illusion of having fuller hair.

We are working on more hair posts and just want some feedback, what do you want to see more of on MMBB?