Promise Tangeman

Art That Helps Collaboration

A couple of weeks ago, Promise Tangeman put together an Artist Collaboration project, Art That Helps. There were only twenty spots available, so immediately Brandi signed us up for it. We were given a list of words to influence our art (Art for the greater good, Haiti, helping, serving, creativity, love wins, people, compassion, humble, humility) and a color palette. The rest was up to us. I gave it some thought for a day or two and then started doodling my ideas. Not knowing what she was going to do with the art I wanted to keep it simple.
Here is my contribution

Then, Promise took all of our art (20 pieces) and made a variety of collages including the two below.

It was really neat seeing all the designs/illustrations people came up with.
All of the collaboration participants will be selling the art at our ETSY stores and profits will be donated to A BEAUTIFUL IDEA and given to their current charity.

Thanks Promise for a wonderful collaboration!

Westley and I are joined by the bonds of love.

Hello Hello!!!
It's wedding bell time
I know this is a large one, but there's so much good out there.


Troy Grover

We had the opportunity to ask this pretty lady about her experience with engagement photos and here's what she had to say...
 "For our engagement shoot Brian and I had our brother-in-law do our engagement photos. We knew him well, we liked his work… and we felt really comfortable with him. We chose him because we knew we would be able to improvise, pose ourselves, and bring fun elements into the photographs to make them unique to us. I would say most people like to be told where to look, what to do, etc. And it really helps when a photographer does that and gives direction… especially if you don't feel very comfortable in front of a camera.  We did have a vision for our engagement photographs… we wanted them to be fun, colorful, urban, and artistic yet natural. We had a fun time picking out outfits, thinking about silly props, incorporating my dads old mustang, and practicing facial expressions. haha. The shoot lasted for a little over an hour."  

Funny enough, the bride-to-be is also a photographer...the next section (3photos) is her work.

Promise Tangeman

Chris Craymer

I really want Chris's book "Romance." It's $50 and beautiful.

Julie Cope

I couldn't pick just three favorites when it came to Julie's photography. This last one is just so darn cute! 
I love the moments she decides to frame.


Lark Letterpress
Also check out their etsy page

About 95.9% of the time I want to vomit when I see a wedding invitations. They are always too smothered in goop and frills and blah. I hope to God that one day I get a client who says they want a non-traditional wedding invitation and actually mean it. I would do it post card style (oversized) and on one side design an image of the city where the wedding is or some illustration that describes the couple perfectly and on the back (with very clean beautiful type) have all the necessary information.  I think it'll be fun...It looks great in my head.

Advice: Don't just look at stuff catagorized under "wedding" when going through photographers, accessories and invitations. Sometimes (not always) that stuff is stuffy and ugly. 

Also check out their etsy page


I heart these two wedding headbands.

Yellow Goat
The other day I fell in love with Yellow Goat!
This is her site
This is her blog
This is her etsy

I love all of her Jewelry! I bet if you found a designer, contacted her with enough time and had the money you could get Jewelry Designer to custom design your accessories and maybe even design your wedding bands! How awesome would that be?

I can not stress how great etsy is. 

good luck Bridezillas

Does this post help anyone out? I really hope it does :)
If there is anything you would like to see more or less of please let us bueno ladies know!


The series has just begun so no worries...more is on the way!