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Art That Helps Collaboration

A couple of weeks ago, Promise Tangeman put together an Artist Collaboration project, Art That Helps. There were only twenty spots available, so immediately Brandi signed us up for it. We were given a list of words to influence our art (Art for the greater good, Haiti, helping, serving, creativity, love wins, people, compassion, humble, humility) and a color palette. The rest was up to us. I gave it some thought for a day or two and then started doodling my ideas. Not knowing what she was going to do with the art I wanted to keep it simple.
Here is my contribution

Then, Promise took all of our art (20 pieces) and made a variety of collages including the two below.

It was really neat seeing all the designs/illustrations people came up with.
All of the collaboration participants will be selling the art at our ETSY stores and profits will be donated to A BEAUTIFUL IDEA and given to their current charity.

Thanks Promise for a wonderful collaboration!