OMG I HEART: GipsyStyle on Etsy

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 I don't know how I came across this Etsy store GipsyStyle but when I did it made me so excited and also teary eyed. Teary eyed in a good way. These photo's were taken by the Flagship Hotel built in 1965. I love that spot. This is the spot I learned how to surf in High School. This spot is our meeting point when we tell friends to head to the beach. This is still our spot. The Flagship Hotel is no longer there because of  Hurricane Ike. The cool thing is that they built Pleasure Pier which was the original structure that was replaced by The Flagship (because of Hurricane Carla). A lot of replacing I know. But I love that they went back to the original amusement park idea instead of building a new modern looking hotel.

Anyway I keep looking at these photo's and so much is going on in each and everyone and I am so thankful that these moments were captured. Jacob and I want to get some of these photos for our house but it's so hard to choose. We usually only hang up photography by close friends or family but we will make an exception for these. This hits home.

I love that this style is all around right now. It's my favorite on the guys! If you click on the photos in the etsy shop the photographer gives a more that awesome description. He was skipping school for 2 weeks to go see Pat McGee's Surf Shop on Mustang Island that just opened and stopped by Galveston to see what was going on.

Art That Helps Collaboration

A couple of weeks ago, Promise Tangeman put together an Artist Collaboration project, Art That Helps. There were only twenty spots available, so immediately Brandi signed us up for it. We were given a list of words to influence our art (Art for the greater good, Haiti, helping, serving, creativity, love wins, people, compassion, humble, humility) and a color palette. The rest was up to us. I gave it some thought for a day or two and then started doodling my ideas. Not knowing what she was going to do with the art I wanted to keep it simple.
Here is my contribution

Then, Promise took all of our art (20 pieces) and made a variety of collages including the two below.

It was really neat seeing all the designs/illustrations people came up with.
All of the collaboration participants will be selling the art at our ETSY stores and profits will be donated to A BEAUTIFUL IDEA and given to their current charity.

Thanks Promise for a wonderful collaboration!