best friends

2 bands in the same time slot...

So what do you do when 2 of your favorite bands are playing in the same time slot?

This happens a lot at outdoor festivals like Coachella & ACL and it seems like they are playing at opposite ends of the park every time. I think I lost 2 pounds just by running around all weekend. True Story. Anyway, Fred wanted to see The Flaming Lips so we (Jacob &I) split up with him to catch Switchfoot first because I have never seen them live at an outdoor fest and also because they are more upbeat. Then we ran to hear the end of Band of Horses set which was mellow & awesome! It worked out perfect since I heard the songs I wanted to hear most! 
I love love love his voice!

OMG so the girl standing next to me did not understand personal space! and she had a lot of room!
she kept slapping and flipping her hair in my face, and she almost slapped me with her paper fan over and over! I seriously thought there was a hidden camera or that one of my friends told her to do it.
I just kept looking at Jacob laughing in disbelief...then she walked off.
and Band of Horses is such pretty music.


So I pretty much hang out with whatever friend wants to see the same band as me, sometimes I roll solo because it's all about the music at ACL! I think all my friends feel the same way.

Sorry my photo's were so far away at Band of Horses I could only get clearish screen shots.
I think they came out pretty cool though. That's one of the sucky things when you catch the end of a show. You're not likely going to get to the front especially with a crowd like this one.
Anyway, I don't like to be that pushy, rude, sweaty, stinky person forcing their way through all the people who earned their spot waiting in the front. I won't say I never do that, but I always say excuse me, sorry, can I get through, and i look for an opening, and I ALWAYS WEAR DEODORANT!!!
Have you been to any outdoor music festivals lately?
Were you at ACL?
more ACL posts coming.....

I'm THAT girl.

i'm the girl who always had guy best friends. always.
i grew up with 3 guy cousins who have been my constant best friends, so i guess thats why
i have always been more comfortable hanging out with the boys. i feel like they are more loyal and  they were more fun for certain things like the beach, skate park, snowboarding, camping, bathroom humor, road trips... then i realized later GIRLS were cool too. some girls. hahaha.

i thought this would be a fun new post to get to know each other without an overload if information.
just one fun fact each week.

me and my constants. Taylor, Darin, and Pepper.
Jeff and I galveston. he has the best laugh ever. the 90's.
colin and jeff.
Colin and Jeff. the 90's. jealous of colin for always being ripped naturally.
the bambinos
The Bambino's 1999. Dan's Graduation.
bruno and me at the warped tour.
Bruno and me at warped tour. i think this was summer of 98. one of a kind. this was special.
jon and mike. colorado
Michael. coolest/funnest guy in colorado! magnetic personality.
jace and me.
Jace and me. Austin Texas. our friendship started by carpooling to school. been giving each other a hard time ever since.
the corbin and deeto show
The Corby and Deeto show! when i was the new girl he showed me the ropes.BFF
SFP mexico trip last summer. this is my family!
justin and me at coachella
Uppy and me at Coachella. not sure how we met? been friends since 10th grade.
and now Jacob stole him.
joseph and me at the beach
Joseph and me at the beach. friends since 3rd grade. he's a riot and you can't have him!

link up and join in if you want:) what kind of girl were/are you? 
a girls girl? or a guys girl?

that was one wet weekend.

funerals bring goodtimes....this weekend the bruno brothers came in town for a funeral, which sucks, but to make good out of it we took a day off to be kids again and go to schlitterbahn!i missed these boys, its been over 7 years since i have seen ross, and 3 years since i've seen jacob! too long, but it was for good reason, they were in the army and i am so thankful they made it back safe. after this long soaking day we hit up rudy's bar-b-q! it was the perfect day!
if you have not been to schlitterbahn or rudy's, pack your bags and go now!

next day....annual float trip!
we were off to float the river. i think it's hillarious actually. everyone looks like lazy cows going to one place to get in a tube and just chill for hours. i love it! click here for explanation of tubing. 
thank you @sheaisawesome for that link! perfect.
you know you do this when passing a trucker. i'm trying to get him to honk! but i look like a hilbilly.

hahaha this is the best. everyone needs a kellee. she is the reason for this trip. kellee now lives in newyork but came into town to float like every year! the tube rental place remembered her from last year!
they asked her" are you the girl in the red bikini from last year who was walking around for hours looking for your friends?" bahahahahahaha! oops. kellee got left during last years float trip with no clothes, towel, phone, money, or flip flops:(
after a long float we discovered that nick and krista lost their keys in the river! oh no!
dairy queen saved us that day bc hungry people = grumpy people
then we look over and our kellee was picking flowers without a care in the world!!!
oh kellee we love you! thank you for making us laugh all the time! there is no one like you:) don't you forget it!
*notice her shades? you too could win a pair! be sure to enter giveaway!
things you need at the river:
-awesome playlist- to get you pumped for the river!
-sunblock spf 30 or more
-chapstick/zink- so you don't get blisters
-water- we forgot this
-jeremiah weed vodka- mix with water and it tastes like sweet tea. so good!
-beer- so the boys don't drink all your vodka
-snacks- we forgot, and we were starving!
-shades- leave your raybans at home! most likely you will lose them on the drop!
-ziplock bags- for your i.d and cash.
-cash- so you can buy hot dogs and burgers from people cooking in their backyards. just yell "how much!"
-fun friends- it's a must.
know your river games!!!
do you have a kellee in your group?
what are your summer time traditions?

and that's all folks!!!