I'm THAT girl.

i'm the girl who always had guy best friends. always.
i grew up with 3 guy cousins who have been my constant best friends, so i guess thats why
i have always been more comfortable hanging out with the boys. i feel like they are more loyal and  they were more fun for certain things like the beach, skate park, snowboarding, camping, bathroom humor, road trips... then i realized later GIRLS were cool too. some girls. hahaha.

i thought this would be a fun new post to get to know each other without an overload if information.
just one fun fact each week.

me and my constants. Taylor, Darin, and Pepper.
Jeff and I galveston. he has the best laugh ever. the 90's.
colin and jeff.
Colin and Jeff. the 90's. jealous of colin for always being ripped naturally.
the bambinos
The Bambino's 1999. Dan's Graduation.
bruno and me at the warped tour.
Bruno and me at warped tour. i think this was summer of 98. one of a kind. this was special.
jon and mike. colorado
Michael. coolest/funnest guy in colorado! magnetic personality.
jace and me.
Jace and me. Austin Texas. our friendship started by carpooling to school. been giving each other a hard time ever since.
the corbin and deeto show
The Corby and Deeto show! when i was the new girl he showed me the ropes.BFF
SFP mexico trip last summer. this is my family!
justin and me at coachella
Uppy and me at Coachella. not sure how we met? been friends since 10th grade.
and now Jacob stole him.
joseph and me at the beach
Joseph and me at the beach. friends since 3rd grade. he's a riot and you can't have him!

link up and join in if you want:) what kind of girl were/are you? 
a girls girl? or a guys girl?