greetings from Nashville

Hello! Happy 4th of July! Man, this road trip got off on the wrong foot for sure. I keep laughing about everything because that's what I do and Alan keeps looking over at me with the stink eye.  Let me explain.

This is the back seat of Schmalan's car and in it is everything that he owns. He moved from Lubbock, stayed with his parents for a week, stayed with me for a week, and then move to Nashville. Yesterday we were going to wake up early, reload the car and be on our way, maybe stop if we saw something cool blah blah blah. Well, we woke up late, it started pouring while we finished loading and then continued to rain for a few hours into trip slowing us down quite a bit. Alan doesn't talk because he's more soaked than me and he's wearing polyester pants that stay wet the whole car ride. It's a very LOOOOONG drive to Nashville. We finally get into town, pick up some tacos and beer and head to our friend's house. She's out of town and hid a key for us. Well, like two tired idiots we fumble in the dark and can't find the key so we camp in the car. I can sleep anywhere, but Alan is tall and lanky and had no place to go (seats not reclining due to his whole life in the backseat) so he doesn't sleep the whole night. I wake up covered in jackets (chilly in the evening) and sweat. I feel completely ugo and extremely shiney! Again I can't help, but laugh. Alan kept getting up to look  for that darn key. We are convinced a squirrel ran off with it. Luckily, Liz Dunn (a friend who use to live in Houston) came to our rescue and said we could crash at her place during the day so we got out of the heat and finally, out of the car. There were other, more personal things that went wrong, but those won't be shared.
Alan is out for good. I will have to entertain myself in Nashville until he joins the world again.

 I'm proud of myself; I fit everything for six days in my leather backpack. Ladies, that's including shoes.

traveling with records is a pain in the butt. They are heavy and you have to keep them out of the heat. 

post first Nashville shower = READY FOR LIFE!

Moral of the story: When going on a roadtrip, wish for the best, but expect everything to go to crap. It's just better when you have a few plan B's.  oh, and bring extra shoes and socks- Alan was wearing his wet shoes and socks for over 24 hours.

and the song of the day
(Watch the cute spastic red head, he's amazing and has great dance moves AND has been my best bud since I was 11/12)

More non-phone picture of Nashville coming soon!