MUCHO MONDAY /// Denim Blues



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Hair, Top, Pants, Boots, Bag not released yet, Lipstick, Ring (wrist stack: Bueno, Chrisrann, Ginew, 1924us)





Top, Button Up (Vinatge), Pants, Boots, Lipstick, Necklace, Ring (wrist stack: Jaw bone, Cuff, Shark Tooth, Arrow Wrap)

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Beanie <> Vans
Jacket <> Old Navy
Shades <> U.O.
Top <> Elsage Designs
Denim Cut-offs <> A&F
Back Pack <> Hurley
Wrist <> Chrisrann, Parra arrow head bangle,
Fringe Boots <> Thrifted

Sunnies <> Free People
Lips <> Nars
Necklace <> Parra (Keravnos Pendant)
Button Down <> F21
Tee <> elSage Designs (printed by hand)
Coat <> DKNY
Denim <> BDG
Socks <> Free People
Boots <> Nisolo Shoes

This past Saturday was perfect. It was just what Brandi and I needed. After weekends full of plans and long work weeks, we finally had a free day. We knew Justin would be joining us, we knew there would be music and longboards, other than that we just kind of went where the day took us. I know Brandi was a little worried at first because when I first came over to her house, I was a bit of a sad sap, but the getting out in the sunshine for a cruise (even though it was cold and windy) was the best remedy.

Sunday, Brandi spent most of the day with friends for brunch, gardening, and a meeting with her trainer. She ended it at ZAZA for a Moroccan oil hair show with her Do or Dye ladies. I drove out to 'the country' to check out my new house and do a walk through with my future landlord AND my Pops (He had to make sure I wasn't getting myself into anything too crazy). Since 2009, I have been hopping around hoping to find a good place to get rooted and I've finally found a home and it's closer to work. It's a small 100 year old house with wood floors, white walls, and front porch. I won't give it all away just yet because there will be tons of future posts about it. Brandi's been telling my secrets to everyone (fun fact: I've been scared of the dark most ALL of my life) and is probably collecting bets on how I do out there, but I'm quite confident in this decision. I can't wait to see Zeyk's (my pup) reaction out there. I drove around the 'downtown' area of my new town and visited an antique shop out there and introduced myself to a new neighbor. I can't get out there fast enough. March 23, just give me that countryside!


WeeklySchedule_0003_Thursday_ How I cover my skivvies


Since I had some people asking about my outfit when I posted about the Bayou City Art Festival, I decided to share what was covering my skivvies that day.

CMSKIVVIES_0000_Layer Comp 1

CMSKIVVIES_0006_Layer Comp 7
Special request: please wear your bando over a bra if your chest is larger than an 'A cup'
CMSKIVVIES_0001_Layer Comp 2

CMSKIVVIES_0002_Layer Comp 3

CMSKIVVIES_0003_Layer Comp 4

CMSKIVVIES_0005_Layer Comp 6

CMSKIVVIES_0004_Layer Comp 5

BANDO: American Apparel
SHIRT: Kimchi Blue
VEST: William Rast
JEANS: BDG Cigarette
CUSTOM KEY: Bueno Bueno
WHALE + FEATHER: Bueno Bueno
BELT: Fossil

Not in photo
NEO RAMBO HEADBAND: Bueno Bueno (new)
BAG: Fossil