YOUNG LOVE MAD STYLE /// Kelly and Seth Pineapple... I mean Plemmons


Let me introduce to you Seth and Kelly Plemmons, formerly known as Kelly sister. I haven't had the pleasure of really hanging out with these two lovebirds other than this trip because the whole relationship was long distance after Kelly moved to Nashville. I'll let them explain, but I thought they were a perfect fit to get my Young Love Mad Style Series back. They are young and young spirited, They are insanely in love, and their style stands out... mainly because their hobbies and who they are is represented well in how they dress. You'll see.. 

How did y'all meet?
At a titty party in Houston :)

The first time we met (we didn't remember this until after we started dating, but we have photos!) was through our mutual friend, Brent Nettles. Seth had just moved to town and Brent brought him to Free Press Summer Fest with our crew. Years later we started bumping into each other around Houston because he was playing music with my cousins and friends. Eventually, we decided to get jiggy wit it around the time that I moved to Nashville. 

How did you make long distance work?
Traveling back and forth, post cards, care packages, talking on the phone, texting, emailing articles, anything to make it feel like we were still with each other. We started having FaceTime dates, which ended up helping a lot. We would have drinks together and watch movies together while on FaceTime. We talked throughout the day everyday.

What were the biggest challenges?
Not having our best pal around through the ups and downs throughout the time we dated.

Why did y'all decide to get married before living in the same city or state!?
Because Seth is a crazy person. When we were talking about him moving up to Nashville from Houston, he proposed the idea of eloping. I was really excited because the thought of having a huge wedding stressed me out. I was also surprised because this was seven months into our relationship. Then again, we decided to be together on our second date and said I love you after two weeks. Turns out, we are both crazy people.

How much did y'all talk about marriage since you were never engaged?
We decided to elope around November 2015 and had loose plans until after Seth took my Pops out to lunch, to ask for his blessing, in late June 2016. Right before Seth talked to my Pops, we decided to go from privately eloping to inviting parents and siblings.  

Where are your rings from?
Seth bought me the "Moon and Stars" ring from Mociun
I had his ring custom designed and made by our friends at Black Spring Folk Art

What was unique about your ceremony?
We were in a baller af location. We were in the middle of the Redwood forrest, the one where Return of The Jedi was filmed, surrounded by our family and close friends.

Why did you want a small wedding with just family?
I love big weddings and the huge dance parties to follow, but I always hear folks say they don't remember the ceremony or they were stressed about all the plans and not what was actually happening on their wedding day and we didn't want that. We wanted the day to be just about our love and our decision to spend our lives together. It's a HUGE promise and we wanted to remember every detail about that day. We've been asked a bunch if we regret doing it that way and honestly no. We would do everything the exact same. It was unreal.

What do you predict will be most challenging the first year?
Since we dated a short amount of time and all of that was long distance, we are still getting to know each other. I think it will take a while to learn each other's habits and preferences, and finding a balance between how we each approach situations could prove to be challenging. We are also learning the effect our upbringings has on the way we both do our day-to-day activities. Also, we are both a year shy of 30 and we are set in our old ways, so we are learning to compromise. yay! 

Any advice to other couples in long distance relationships?
Just like any relationship, if you want to make it work, commit to that and put the effort in. You can't be lazy and expect the magic to just be there.

Favorite things about each other?
We are having a hard time choosing just one. We love all the things. 

Favorite activity to do together?
You know, the S-E-X...  Listening to records and drinking whiskey has been a favorite past time. Traveling, two-stepping, games, and hanging out with Mr. Zeyk.  

What so far is the most annoying thing about living with the other person? Are you trying to cause a fight?

S /// I'm still trying to get used to Kelly being as stubborn as I am.

K /// Same

You can follow their adventures at Kelly Amber Garcia , IG @Iheartbueno, and Seth's You tube Channel showing his crazy talent.