AS OF LATELY /// November


1 /// I have had Strep throat, an Ear Infection, and Bronchitis ever since coming back from California mid September. I think it was my body being run down and forcing me to slow my roll. So when the doctor says take all your antibiotics...even if you start to feel better....DO IT! I don't do well with being sick. I am the worst. Thankfully my husband is the best caretaker in the world. Love him and not sure what I would do without him. Back to diffusing oils on the regular.

2 /// I have read two books recently. One my friend/client let me borrow which reminds me I need to get that back to her. Book 1 was The Yoga Store Murder By Dan Morse. It's the true story of a brutal murder that went down in a Lululemon Store. It was shocking and disgusting what some people are capable. Book 2 was The Girl on The Train, I wanted to read it before I see the movie because I wanted to imagine what the characters looked like instead of picturing them when I was reading...except that I know who two of the main characters are already. Now I am looking for another book to read because I'd rather be reading than watching the boob tube. So please let me know if there is a book I must read! 

3 /// This weekend our small group is going to serve Thanksgiving Dinner and hang out with the youth of the Covenant House. The Covenant House is a charity that helps homeless kids stay off the street. I am equally excited as I am nervous. I want to help so much with a strong face. I tend to cry a lot and get overwhelmed with emotion when I am doing these things. 

4 /// Recently my Cousin asked Jacob and I if we wanted to be a part of something exciting and something we have never tapped into. I had to keep it quiet at first but now I can share! We have invested in a restaurant here in Houston. On 11th street in the Heights to be exact. It's called Presidio. Roosevelt General Contractors have been doing the build out and our friend Adam Dorris from Pax Americana Will be the executive Chef....So it's a win win! We said yes before Adam was brought on and now I feel like that was the best decision we've made all year! I'll let you know when it gets closer to opening! If your curious about Adams cooking and you haven't been to Pax you should come to Lady Birds Bar on Nov 19th for Ghetto Dinner, You will not regret it. Music, Food, Drinks, and a good time! Hope to see you there.

5 /// Jacob and I have never been to New York together so we will be spending 1 day there before heading to Aruba to meet up with our friends Colin and Tess. A first for us both! I have been singing THIS non stop since I have found out we are going. AHHHHH I can't wait!