I wish I was one of those people who got everything on their list done... including Christmas Cards mailed out the first week of December. Those people probably feel real accomplished, stress free,  and I bet they are completely done with all their Christmas shopping too. Not the case for us. We got back from Aruba the first week of December to find out our baby girl (Bootsie) was not acting like herself. If you know us personally, follow us on FB or IG you are aware that we took her to many places to get answers and help and it's been awful. The results came back and Bootsie has cancer. Can I just say it? FUCK CANCER! I'm sorry for my language but that's about the only thing I can say about it. How does this happen? 

Anyway... Since Tuesday she's been feeling better with her meds but we are suppose to be monitoring her and just observing her behavior. I've taken off work a lot to just be with her. All we want is for her to be comfortable and we want to love on her for as long as we are able too without her being in pain. Saturday she was so energetic running up and down the stairs with me, she even wanted to play with her ribbon again. Yesterday she slept a lot and wasn't too active.  Every little snuggle, every meow, and every little lick we are just taking in. I am so happy that I had so much time with her this week when she was back to her old-self. I needed it. I hope she needed it to. Jacob has been having more of a rough time than I thought. I've always pegged him as a dog guy so when I questioned him about it. He said with a dogs love it's automatic they just love you right away. With Cats you have to earn their love, so with Bootsie it's different. 

My cousin Josephine came over twice this week to check on us and cheer us up with lil Wally (her son)  and donuts. It was then that she decided to come back over one morning and take a family photo of us 3. We never took a family photo. Can you believe that? There has been a million of just one of us and her. Anyway, Jo gave us the best gift possible that morning and I am so grateful. I do not want this post to bum you out I just hope it makes you appreciate the time you have with your loved ones. Furry ones and Human ones. We do not have a human baby. We have a fur baby. If you are not pet people you might think we are a little crazy. I assure you WE ARE but it has nothing to do with Pets. A friend of mine, this week said my posts have been a little outrageous. But that is only because he has never raised a pet on his own so I can't be upset by that comment. I am so thankful that our pretty Bootsie found and chose us 6-7 years ago out of all the people on Castle Court. She broke us down and we opened our back door. She is currently right here with me as I type which is funny because she usually sits on the keys so I can no longer type. I guess she feels like being polite or she knows this post involves her so she's cool with me typing. 

So if we did Christmas Cards this year, they would totally be one of these....


I think we need a painting of Bootsie, her face and coloring are just so pretty. I might even try and attempt it. Anyone have a favorite artist out there that I should look into?