WHAT'S IN MY BAG /// Hatton Henry Bucket Bag

I am completely obsessed with this bucket bag. The color, the style, the maker, the size....all of it. I have had my eye on this for quite some time now and let me tell you it came into my life at such a perfect time. I've been wanting a bag this size so when I'm on the go I can just throw it across my body and go. This also forces me to just carry around what I need for that moment. My usual bag that I take to work is awesome but it has my computer, notebooks, makeup bag, wallet, food and then I find things I don't need to carry so that my back hurts 24-7. If you are a lover of small businesses and handmade leather goods you should check out HATTON HENRY. Did I mention she lives in my city and she's a bad ass and you can meet her this weekend!?

If you are live in Houston or might be visiting Houston on May 7th you should pop by the   Fleastyle Spring show where HATTON HENRY will be from 9-4. A lot of their items are one of a kind so be sure to get there early to see everything they have before they are SOLD! 

BUCKET BAG /// Use code (bueno) for 15% off your purchase


PEN (gift from dad, his co-worker makes them) ///




PASSPORT (travel reasons and my drivers license just expired)

BUENO BUSINESS CARD (when people ask me about my keys and rings...BOOM) /// I'm still trying to transfer everything from big cartel to squarespace ...any advice or feedback is appreciated.