My Salon Coordinator and I got together and decided to work on this post so that you can be sure to get the hair you have always wanted. No matter where you live someone is very capable of giving you want you want. Hope you find this post helpful.

The best way to drastically change how you look and feel is to pay a visit to your stylist. They can determine what will look best on you, what will fit your lifestyle and also let you vent the whole time; leaving you feeling completely refreshed when you leave. With the large variety of hair color and cut techniques, the possibilities are endless. But first...Does your hairstylist have the skills necessary to give you the look you want? 

Choosing what salon and stylist is crucial to getting the hair you have always wanted. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Check out the salon's instagram page or website and read each stylists biography and examine the areas they specialize in. Is what you want one of their specialties? Are those stylists up to date with the current hair trends? Are they continuing their education and staying inspired? Can you see their work online? These are all important factors in finding that perfect stylist AND salon.

If you want to make sure you leave happy, ask questions and build a trust with your stylist. They want you to feel like a million bucks when you leave their chair, so let them know why you're in their chair instead of your previous stylist's.  

When reaching out to that stylist send them photos of your current hair in natural lighting (front, side, back). Then send them at least 3 photos of what you want. We all see colors differently, so this is essential as stylists are visual people. I always find that  instagram @doordyetx, magazines, and  pinterest are helpful. Also, give them the down low on your current hair situation. (When was the last time you had a color service? Have you had any chemical treatments such as BKTS or perms?) This is like your consultation before you come in. This process will eliminate confusion and the stylist can figure out how much time will be needed and plan to have the product necessary to complete your service. 

- Figure out what it is about the photos you like /// color, tone, cut, shape, layers, texture Cover the face of the person in the picture and just look at the hair. Do you still love it?

- Ask your stylist if that will work with your hair or if it is even achievable.

- Communicate what you don't like /// ashy tones, warm tones, stripey or chunky highlights

- Communicate what you do like /// baby lights, face framing, blending, natural, rich, ashy tones, warm tones

- Ask your stylist if your desired look can be done in a few hours, a few visits, or if it will take a series of visits.

- Ask how often you will need to come in to maintain.

- Ask what products will help the hair color's longevity and what products to help you achieve this look daily. The right shampoo and conditioner will help keep that hair color lasting and maintain the integrity of your hair. Regardless of what you've heard, cheap products (grocery store/drugstore) WILL strip the color and dry it out simultaneously with very few exceptions.

- Ask how much the service will cost you. Most the time you can get an estimate but not exact quote. If you have a budget tell the stylist, and ask what you can accomplish with that budget. A few face framing babylights go a long way.

This is how I look at it: Your hair is THE MOST IMPORTANT accessory. You wear it every day, and it is a representation of you! So don't be frugal about it or hesitant to treat yourself in this category. You deserve better than that! Invest in yourself and the proper hair products to achieve the look you want, while maintaining the integrity of your hair.

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