FIX YO MOP /// Camp Hair


Kelly and I camped all over West Texas last week and we wanted to share our journey with you. If you follow us on Instagram you probably have already seen some of the places we hit up. If not you can start now @buenobrandi @iheartbueno #buenosjourneywest

We've had a lot of requests for specific posts so we will do our best to answer all your West Texas questions. 

I wanted to start our series of posts with Camp Hair and give you the facts /// Kelly and I only washed our hair once the whole 8 days we were gone. How you ask? Braids. Kelly would braid our hair when we hiked so that it would stay out of our face and so we could stay cool. When your hair is down or in a top knot you tend to run your hands through it and keep putting it up over and over again which causes your hair to be more greasy. Oil on your hands, oil to your hair. We did the triple braid on Kelly after we washed our hair for a couple different reasons. While your hair is drying it doesn't frizz and when you decide to take it out you will have a pretty wave without having to use a hot tool. Two, hair is once again out of your face and you don't have to mess with it for as long as you decide to wear it. Three.. you look super stylish so you can go from camping/hiking to catching happy hour at the closest town, which in our case was Starlight in Terlingua (get the spicy margs). Kelly kept these braids in at least 3 days. They survived hiking, sleeping, happy hour, swimming the Rio Grande, hiking some more and, a long ass road trip home.

Tips /// always pack a brush, detangler, bobby pins, clear elastics, bandanas, hats, dry shampoo, travel size shampoo and conditioner. 

Also this hair is not just for camping, this would be a perfect style for everyday....especially from gym to work to happy hour. 

If you have any requests for posts or questions please leave a comment :) Happy Friday!