Ok guys, I'm back from Italy so I can finally blog our sister sister roadtrip to West Texas.... hashtag Buenos Journey West. Kelly has already blogged about how our trip came about and our ORIGINAL ROUTE and how that was all thrown out the window because of 5 grossies which Kelly titled THE BALMORHEA BOZOS,  so if you haven't read those yet then head over to IHEARTBUENO.COM

I'm assuming you read the previous posts that I highlighted and linked over. This is how we ended up in a place we love and knew we would be safe. I mean guys... we were really scared and super pissed at those creeps. Driving to El Cosmico was the only logical decision. Yes I instagram storied the whole thing incase we were kidnapped or killed but the internet in West Texas is just non existent in most places and a lot of the videos vanished. Anyway, we arrived at El Cosmico that Sunday night which was day 1 of our trip. We were still in our nasty camping disguise with rape whistles around our neck. Kelly looked at me and said maybe we looked too campy for El Cosmico (we had a good laugh about our appearance). I looked down and did not care, We were safe. We made it. We would be warm for the night because we opted for a Safari Tent instead of pitching our tent for the second time in one night.

Our stay at El Cosmico
Night 1 /// Finally had that glass of wine we had wanted during sunset at the previous camp. Our dinner was chips and salsa and we were completely satisfied. I passed out shortly after getting into bed because I was worn out and the bed was heated. It's the small things! Kelly took advantage of the the electricity, working on her sketches for some Festival and I passed the heck out. ZZzzzZZZzzz.

Day 1 - Night 2/// Had delicious coffee by the fire in the lobby of El Cosmico, talked with my friend Hannah who works there and got some hiking recommendations. Walked around town, took photos, worked on designs, ate salad in a bag, jogged, took a hot outdoor shower... accidentally flashed some peeps, set up the two man tent, met up with Colt and Logan (Cobra Rock)  and their friends for happy hour at Saint George. BEST SPICY MARG! The night ended with a concert at El Cosmico and Kelly and I passing out in her two person tent.

Day 2  /// Woke up before Kelly... what's new? Headed over to lobby for coffee, fire, and wifi. Kelly strolled in not long after - I had to crawl over her to get out of the tent and she couldn't go back to bed. We were headed to our next destination that day so we started to get ready and pack up when Kelly decided coffee was a bad idea. Little missy was so dehydrated (desert + a little too much celebrating the night before) I heard her puking while I was brushing my teeth at the outdoor bathroom. It was glorious. Do not feel bad for her because I took a photo of this moment... she took plenty of inappropriate photos and videos of me the whole week. I'm sure you saw if you were following our IG stories. Anyway, before we left El Cosmico, we bought a few patches and topo chicos for the road. Oh, and before we left Marfa we made sure to have breakfast at Marfa Burrito! So worth it! They are HUGE! We ate half at the restaurant and saved the other half so we could eat it for breakfast the next morning before our big hike. 

Below are some previous posts on Marfa, every trip is completely different so if you are planning a Marfa Trip these posts could help you plan the perfect Marfa experience! Enjoy! Happy Monday!

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