We all strive for that healthy balance, but do we ever really get there? What would it look like if we did? 

How can I have a successful career, make time for God, be a good wife, daughter, sister, supportive friend, mentor, have a social life, recharge, workout, keep growing as a person, keep clients happy, find new passions, keep up with emails/texts, stay sane, volunteer, make time for new people, and actually be happy? 

Have you ever written it out so you can actually look at it? We put all this pressure on ourselves and for what? Why do we put value on ourselves based on "success" ? 

I don’t want this post to come off negative at all.  I just want to be honest about my life at a stylist, salon owner, and online shop owner. 

I am very thankful for this life of mine and I really love what I do.  I’m just trying to figure it out like the rest of y'all. I'm trying to figure out how to be 100 for myself, my family, my clients, my customers, and my friends.

People who say they have it all figured out are 

1. Lying or 

2. About to explode. 

I’m just at a place in my life where I need to make some small healthy changes for a better quality of life. 

Without a healthy balance I will burn out fast in all areas of my life! It has already started.

That’s not fair to anyone around me or myself.  ***We should all be living our best life. Because, YOLO!!!

Here's a little peek into my life and what it looks like now when I’m in town /// 

SUNDAY  /// My official day off!  If we are in town, we wake up and go to church, get a workout in, host small group at our house,  and try to respond to clients throughout the day.  

MONDAY /// Sometimes I work at the salon on Monday and if I don't I'm booking appointments through emails and texts… especially if I have a trip coming up soon. This is my only real day to get things done around the house, orders for the Bueno Shop, relax/recharge…  

TUESDAY- SATURDAY /// Wake up to texts from clients and immediately start responding or playing catch up from day before....I never seem to be able to text everyone back because life happens. 

- Have Coffee with Jacob or my mom but I'm rarely ever present because I am texting clients back at the same time. 

- Go to workout at The League - I love this place and when I skip a workout my whole day is thrown off and I lack energy. I often skip a workout if a client needs to get in.

- Shower, eat, get supplies, drive to work 

- Start my day at Do or Dye Tx /// If I have a break from clients I try to respond to texts, emails, post on the salon IG account, update website, talk and check in with my co workers, rearrange the salon, take photos, plan changes around salon, and train our assistant so she can learn as much as possible from us. 

- After work /// Dinner with friends, meetings, date night happens 3-5 times a week.  When we don't have plans, Jacob has my glass of wine ready for me (if he’s home) and I sit at the island while he cooks and I text and email clients for an hour or so. 

- Watch TV, Hang out on Roof, Blog, Pass out

Other things that I have to fit in this schedule  so that our business continues to grow  /// Go to the salon when we have repairs done, updates to improve salon, meetings, meet up with new stylists coming to work with us, keep up with hair education so I stay inspired, take classes, shopping for salon, product knowledge, take photos for website and IG, host classes, future planning.....This Post :)



As I type this I want you to know that I feel blessed that I get to do all these things. I just need to find my Healthy Balance.

I am happy that we created a place where I actually love everyone I work with.

I feel lucky that the people who surround me on a daily basis inspire me and that we all learn things from each other. 

I’m thankful I have so many texts and emails from existing and new clients! I love my clients, they become my friends.

These words are not coming from an ungrateful place. 

They’re coming from me, a girl who is trying to do too much, not letting go of control, and over committing myself. 



I have been tired.  At the end of my work day I don't really want to be social but I force myself to.  I can't shut off work mode and I feel like I have nothing left in me. 

As a natural introvert I’m not reserving time to recharge.  

I know this!  I’ve known all these things for a while. I know what changes I need to make;  but since I am a people pleaser I keep putting it off. 


Changes I would like to make for a more balanced life

— Check in with God first thing in the morning.  My best days are when I have my quiet time with Him.  He usually reveals something to me that has been on my mind. He gives me answers. And I get an overwhelming feeling of Love.

--  Spend more time with my Family.

— Have my clients prebook at the end of each appointment or hire someone to book my appointments so I don't spend so much time on my phone. 

— Workout everyday.  Make that a priority because I mentally need it.  I feel good after a good sweat and it's something Jacob and I really enjoy doing together! 

— I need to cut back and change my hours behind the chair so that I'm not burnt out.  That would free up my time to do other things I love for the salon. 

 I need to set designated work days for Bueno so the business can grow and I can create items that have just been doodles in my notebooks for years. 

— Stop over committing in my social life.  because it is part of the problem with never feeling like I'm caught up in Adulting. 

-- Meal Prep at the beginning of the week or at least plan meals so that I'm eating clean. I've noticed when we don't eat clean we tend to be more groggy, moody, and we don't feel awesome. 

— Replace wine and tv after work with something more creative and stimulating… reading, guitar lessons, cooking classes, dance classes, or learn a foreign language. Don't get me wrong....I will still Drink wine I just don't want it to be my go to wind down everyday.  ;)

I started this post last week and immediately started to make a few changes on the list that have made a huge impact. I am excited for this new chapter in my life and hope that you join me in finding your healthy balance. Start with a list and lets check back with each other soon. I am going to try to give weekly updates on IG stories and the blog. Happy Hump Day!