Sometimes you have to get out of your house to get work done. In our case we had to get out of town. We always have this long list of things that never gets chiseled down because something else always comes up. Is this just us or do you have the same problem? Maybe we are just easily distracted. Anyway, California was a successful move in chiseling away at that list while still getting some friend time in.

Little update on my healthy balance post, I now have someone that I trust 100 percent that will be booking my appointments and contacting my clients. This will free up my time so I can focus more on what I am good at, my craft and making improvements around the Salon. This is also beneficial to my clients so they get a faster response. 

Taking the rest of the week to get it all sorted so that everyone can get an email with my new hours and prices first thing Monday morning. 

 I am trying to decide on an email server. Do you have any suggestions? Mailchimp?



SHIRT /// I have worn this shirt 3 days in a row since I bought it.... I love how comfortable it is and it's perfect for beach days, running errands, and hanging out. Easy breezy so you don't get too hot.

HAT ///My hat collection is insane. I feel like you can never have too many hats. Living in Houston and the places we travel I am always in need to 1. look like I'm making an effort 2. Not have to wash my hair 3. protect my face and hair from too much sun /// I wore this hat during travel, dinner and cocktails with friends, to the beach, and the pool. *When going through airport security ask them if you can hold your hat instead of going through the x-ray scanner because they might forever bend your rim.

SUNNIES ///Can't go wrong with the classics. I feel like these are my timeless shades. They will never go out of style and they go with everything. 

FLOPS ///What can I say about flip flops other than they are quick to grab and easy to wear. Also a classic look. The soles on these are comfortable for all day wearing. Another plus is my good friend Brianna is the head designer for this company and she has the best style.