11 years married to my babe. Last year we celebrated our 10 year anniversary going snowboarding in Colorado then surfing in Hawaii where we honeymooned. We went big because 10 years is a big deal! Every day together is a big deal so I think it is important to acknowledge and make anniversaries special in your own way. This year we wanted to keep it simple and go camping with our dogs so we could all be together but weather kind of ruined that plan.

It did not however ruin our anniversary. We spent the day with our dogs, worked out, went shopping, went to lunch, celebrated our Anniversary on National Margarita Day! Hello! Winning! We Netflixed and Chilled, ate at a new place that we’ve been meaning to checkout ….And for our big activity, we got to do our 11 year anniversary shoot with Joseph from Pandesal Photo. All of this may not seem very exciting but to us it was. We just wanted to be together and enjoy our time with no rushing around or set plans. The photoshoot was important to us because we are at a really good place in our relationship and in life and I always want to remember this sweet season of life.

Make time to have fun with each other. Listen. Laugh a lot. Grab his hand or rub the back of his head when your in the car. Watch what the other person wants to watch every now and then. Pray together. Compliment your partner. Work out together. Share dreams and help them conquer those dreams. Compromise. Show interest in each others hobbies. Don’t be mean even if it’s a joke (I am working on this) Do the small things to make them smile. don’t be afraid of counseling.

These are just some of the day to day things that make our marriage stay alive. We are no experts and if anything this is just a reminder to us to just try our best to make one another feel loved and appreciated because it is very easy to just go through the motions and get in a rut. Trust me we have been there done that. So I hope you find this post encouraging if you are in a rut.

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