listen Up!

This morning I got a late start, I woke up, my lovely husband brought me my coffee, and I turned on Alexa Chung (MTV). I usually dont watch that show but I liked what she was wearing so I kept it on. HA! The Duke Spirit performed at the end and I really dug it. Liela Moss, the lead singer had an awesome stage presence and killer style. Watching her do her thing had a Nancy Sinatra vibe, more rock of course.
Naturally, I googled the band after the show to find out that The Duke Spirit is opening up for Incubus this month In Austin at the Austin Music Hall(Aug 19) and in Houston at the Woodlands Pavillion (Aug 21). To find out if they are in your city look them up on myspace music:)
Song of the Morning: Lassoo
You can take a listen on Pandora and Myspace.
Enjoy and let us know what you think!