no way jose!

Good Morning friends:) Don't you just love monday mornings!? It's the begining of a new week, all things are possible, new goals, new plans, and also looking back on the best moments of the weekend.

First I want you to grab yourself a cup of joe, play this video, and close your eyes. This song is so beautiful and one of my's one of those songs you just feel in your bones ya know? I love this video edit it's just pure and raw and Just..... watch. SO GOOD!

4 + years back my old roomate/one of my BFF Danielle (she moved to newport beach) would be blasting these tunes through the house and it was infectious, i had to know who it was! So mucho mucho Thanks to you Danni! I'll be seeing you soon:) love you!
Artist- Jose Gonzales
Song- Heartbeat

so this is how my weekend went, not crazy, but productive, fun and satisfying:)

Friday- I had bootcamp in a lightning storm, we ran through dark slippery bike trails (scary but fun)
Saturday- worked at sunchild, helped Rannie re-arrange room, cut my pops hair, played w/my adorable nephew, had margs with Liz and Heather, and had a drink with some memebers of Finnegan while they recorded. Very cool.
Sunday-slept in, cleaned,lunch with Jacob and Trav, worked at sunchild, went home, dad came by for a bit, my brother and sister came over, Jacob made hamburgers, I made guacamole, we drank wine and watched Tru Blood and Let the Right One In. WOW!