friday, saturday, funday..

i am exhausted from this weekend. ACL fest 2009 was a blast. i just finished downloading the pics so i will be posting my favorites tomorrow, the rest will be on my flickr. these four are for my photo challenge 365(i didn't forget)

photo 1: after acl night 1 in a mexican restaurant. wanted to capture the exhaustion. 1985 vintage tee, A&F denim skirt, b&w checkered vans,and lots of sweat.
photo 2: vintage motorcycle tee, hawks dukes, awesome boots covered in mud, neon bueno feather wrap, vintage buffalo necklace, more sweat and rain.
photo 3: bueno feather headband, raybans, aa tank, high waisted vintage OP  shorts,no shoes (too much mud)
didnt really have the option of looking cute with the rain pouring down on us:) but we sure did have the time of our lives!
photo 4: bc i couldn't decide which on photo 1 and 4