leatherette, copper, and muse/u2 concert

sorry ive slacked off on the blogging lately, ive been busy at the sunchild, and busy with my online craft class at redvelvetart.com
my first two photos are tues and im wearing my new chrisrann neck peice! im in love with it:)thanks Rannie for making beautiful jewelry. i already asked her to make me another wrist peice:) if you want to make an order contact her here.
they are only available at Shotwell in San Fransisco right now or by mail order.

the third and fourth photo are wednesday night at the u2 and muse concert! wow i cant even tell you how amazing it was. BLOWN AWAY! my dad loved muse! duh. and of course U2 rocked the reliant! 
im just starting my day at 11:28 am bc i was up all night/morning singing at a rock show.
im in a rock band called the beatles. have you heard of them? hahahaha! 

gotta run im making new hair peices for the sunchild:) then off to cutting some mops!