one more week til halloween/jacobs bday!

i love halloween so much and so does my husband since it's his bday wooooooo! im so excited ive been trying to decide on a costume and these are some of my ideas.
1. mexiacn dolls (from our trip this summer)
2. glam rock band
3. daria ( fav cartoon ever)
4. wesly and buttercup (princess bride)
since im going to dress up on friday and saturday i can pick two! ive made up my mind, now you will have to wait and see!
after work im going to hit up some thrift stores to see what i can find for my costumes:)
some of my friends are going as: Lady GAGA, heidi and spencer bahahaha!, brad (from rachelzoe), zombies, max (where the wild things are) someone needs to be one of the housewives of ATL! i dont watch it but ive seen clips. Jacobs party flyer is hillarious ill post later!(thanks Rannie)
what are you going to be? what creative costumes have you seen?