i heart my new imac!

today i worked all day, ate fish tacos with my pops, played at the park with my nephew, longboarded, oh and
i got my new 27inch imac this week! woo praise jesus!  tonight we had to break it in by taking our first set of photobooth pics. this is the first night i've actually got to play with it bc i've been working working working at the sunchild.

jacob's been busy playing gigs all weekend, so now we get to stay at home, relax, drink grapefruit soda & watch movies until we pass out. oh but not before we get some swirl with joe and dani. dani's in town from california and i have to give her a belated bday present. oops

tomorrow is picnic and pumpkin carving day with james and aubry. hopefully i'll get to meet rannies new puppy as well.  i can't wait!