surfboards, magazines, & shampoo

day 2 of my photo challenge.
place: my work studio...SUNCHILD SALON
pants: silence & noise acid watch skinny's
shoe's: TOMS
headband: blonde braided bueno
jewelry: vintage silver, gold bueno key necklace
tank: doe
magazine: cooler 
what am i doing: reading while waiting for my next client.
i can't even tell you how much i love my job:)

im taking the weekend off to spend in austin for ACL fest wooooo! Yeah yeah yeahs here i come!  im super pumped bc my friend travis got me a 3 day pass and i cant wait to sing and dance my booty off. i will be sure to take lots of pictures...kelly will be coming out on saturday so not sure if we will be able to blog...if i dont get on here..HAVE A BLAST THIS WEEKEND!