bueno keys and vintage rings...

ok so i know it's been awhile since i had anything on my etsy, i got lazy bc i had my stuff selling in different boutiques and at the Sunchild salon, but now that my sister has teamed up with me it will be easier to list items and organize my inventory. i will be listing handmade head peices, feather headbands, vintage jewelry, random and lovely vintage items, (no clothing though), that takes up way too much time and i always end up keeping them, but if you love vintage clothing shop my friends vintage line at bleubird vintage it's super to the max!

ill post a link as soon as i list the items. it will be done by sunday i promise:)


i have this vintage ring from the 70's and it has the name barb on it. i love that name and i had to buy it bc im obsessed with name rings, even if it isnt my name. but, i will be posting it to sell bc im sure there is a barbara out there that
just has to have this ring! Kelly got my dads ring with his name on it and im a little bitter about that bc i used to wear it junor high - highschool. and no my fingers are not fat... i wrapped a big wad of  tape on it so it cld fit.