tales of an old lady salon.

I usually like to start my day listening to some solid tunes and drinking DD coffee, but today did not hand me the usual. For the first five hours of my day I am a receptionist at a hair salon (TA DAAA!) and I always hear the strangest stories. Today this little old lady walked in and needed to use the phone because she left her purse somewhere. I handed her the phone and sipped away at my coffee thinking to myself "dang, I'm already like that and I don't have near as many years on me." I keep on eye on her because I can tell she's a funny one and sure enough as soon as she gets off the phone she starts telling one of the hairstylist (not her hairstylist) a story. Apparently this little lady was married to the "meanest SOB" on the planet and he would tell her to go in the other room if she wanted to watch sports (I think her team was the Rockets) and the keep it down. She said if she got too loud he would make her turn off the T.V. and go to bed. I'm sipping my coffee reassuring myself that I will never get married and then she gets to the good part. She said he was planning on leaving her and had a heart attack prior to the bale so she had to then take care of him. Months later he ended up dead and she had him cremated. She said the very next Rockets game after his death came on and a couple minutes into it she was reminded of that SOB so she went in the other room to grab his ashes, pulled up his favorite chair and sat in it with his ashes and said "Alright, you're going to watch this game you son of a bitch!"  and that was that.

Geez it's not even 9:30 am and I have heard the best/worst story of the day.