wake up wake up wake up its the first of the month....

i can't sleep its 2:22 am and OCTOBER 1st, maybe it's bc my husband is spending the night at his parentals tonight to do some work over there:( i miss him mucho mucho. whos gonna keep my feet warm?

FOOD: i went to chuy's with umbelina (one of my bff's) we let way too much time pass by without seeing eachother, so this was mucho needed. we split the chicken fajitas, and ate way too much creamy jalepenjo sauce, amazing as always. i go at least once a week. mmmmm. now umbe and i are gonna try and have a once a week hang sesh like the good ol days.

LA LA'S: if you want to hear new music and do not know where to look you can try the roxy blog as in roxy quicksilver.    they have weekly downloads for free and a playlist you can jam to while your working at your desk, crafting, hanging at home, cleaning, blogging, or whatever it is you do..

BLOGS: for all you ocean/surf photography lovers check out lazy waves blog i love love love her photos they make you feel so happy and peaceful and ready to live at the beach forever. i think i found out about her in a FOAM or COOLER magazine. it was one of those magazines. i forget which one.

this picture from lazy waves, is all kinds of incredible! i just wanna go and find my old tutu and dance in the sand.
goodnight and sweet dreams.

oh one more thing watch owl city music video...brings you back to your childhood...im crazy about this video:)