Let me just say this video was shot super early in the a.m. and Kelly is going to kill me. She doesn't want 
Alan to see it. And we all look a lil crazy in the mornings right? But, you gotta start somewhere right?
Oh and our tripod was crooked:( oops!)

This tower can be used for cookies, cupcakes, chips and salsa, even JEWELRY! I have one at the salon for a product display and a Jewelry display. They are super cheap and fun to make. I guess i should of 
taken more pictures. OH HERES A PHOTO WITH COOKIE TOWER.


3 thrifted plates (you can spray paint them if you are NOT using for food.)
Totally looks adorable with different sizes and different patterns.
random candle sticks.
Spray Paint (to spray candle sticks the color of your choice.)
Amazing E-6000 (glue).
paint brush (to smooth glue).
measuring tape. we used this kind to be awkward.

Hope this video was fun for you to watch! Music is by The Ventures. From one of my all time favorite 
Christmas Albums. 

This Video is the first that will be on our DIY BUENO HOLIDAY website.