DIY: Tacky Holiday Tie

STEP 1: know what you want to put on your tie.

STEP 2: round up all the supplies
Here's what we used...

old ties
If there's not a tie in your house, check out a thrift store (two bucks).

(we organized our supplies with an old lunch tray)

In the tray we have:
tiny scissors
a kiss
tiny candy canes
miniature ornaments

You will also need:
pencil or pen
fabric scissors
E-6000 (if you're in a hurry)
transfer paper


STEP 3: Draw or trace design onto fabric.
I chose a Holiday Tree

STEP 4: Cut out design

stop and look how cute it is

STEP 5: Detail tree. Make sure you play around with your options
before attaching details to your tree

Here are a few arrangements we considered:

using candy canes to wrap the tree

using the gems as ornaments for a more traditional look

using miniature lightbulb ornaments as oversized lights on tree

using buttons of varying sizes

STEP 6: Attach details to design using either thread and needle or
if your in a hurry, E-6000 (from our last project) should work.

(we recommend taking the time to hand stitch or use a sewing machine)

STEP 7: Adore your fabulous tacky holiday tie

We wore ours for an ugly christmas sweater party, but they
are also fun to just wear in November/December or
if you have an office party.

Check back in for more Christmas/Holiday DIY