how to drive for 20 hours and not leave the state

Hello world, meet Zeyk.
This past week he accompanied me on my little tour of Texas. Since parting with Lubbock
in May, I haven't seen some very important people so I took off from work and made a plan.
My first stop would be good ol' Arlington, Texas. Sunday morning I washed Zeyk, packed up
the car and was on my way...two hours later I zoned out on I-45 and ended up with this


I finally got to Arlington and my ex roommate Christina and I finally reunited!
...and then her and Zeyk reunited (they always had a strange love affair).


we went thrifting

we are both wearing dead rabbits in this picture
it's not okay

Christina took over my red boots for the evening.
Isn't she cute?

I met some of her good friends out at a bar

The whole night I was just antsy...I was hours away from seeing my love for the first time in months.

There are no more pictures of my trip because I do not own a camera :(

but if you're interested, I continued on the road to Lubbock on Monday and then on Thursday me Alan and Zeyk drove to Gatesville to visit with Alan's family. Friday night I was a sad sap driving back to Houston in the rain. These long distance relationships are not the most enjoyable of situations to be in.

However, I love the darn boy.