Kylle & Haley. 2 of our Best Friends.

These two. Where do I start? First off They are in town from California for Turkey Day! gobble gobble! WOO! Im so Excited. After work I darted over to meet them at Onion creek, then we all  headed to a friends house and had an amazing Dinner. It was a perfect night of brainstorming, laughs, good wine, and growth.
I've known Kylle since highschool bc we worked at Dex Skate Park together. Fun Times! Then we lost touch and randomly got reaquainted in a Christian Surfers group. Kylle had married Haley and I was dating Jacob. It wasnt until our honeymoon that we really got to know them and love them.

Haley and Kylle moved to Oahu the week of our wedding, that was our honeymoon destination, so when we got to Oahu we just gave them a call. It was crazy Bc they lived 5 min away from Turtle Bay Resort( where we were staying) so they met up with us immediatly and we spent the first week at resort and the second week at their house. We picked sleeping on an air mattress and eating home cooked meals over more fancy resorts. That should tell you how awesome they are! People may think it's crazy spending 2 weeks of your honeymoon with friends but Jacob and I had the best 2 weeks of our lives with them! We both cried when we had to come back home bc we didn't want to leave our best friends.

Look the Wanderlusters just happened to be there too! This was their first time meeting  Kylle and Haley.  Ill have to do a blog about these awesome friends too.
aren't they the absolute cutest?
yes you have seen this place in Forgetting Sara Marshal.
this was their backyard.

their porch.

A neighbors dog we named Killer.

So these were just a few of our magical moments with the Seberee's. They surprised us & moved back to Texas for 6 months last December, then left us again for California in August. We cried again. And yes we've already gone to see them,  In septemeber I posted lots of pictures from our trip. here here and here.
I will be posting more about these two in the future bc they have taught us so many things on friendship, love, marriage and more. Kylle makes furniture! really amazing work!

Haley and him also have a hydroponic garden, and a beautiful garden outside full of veggies and fruit. Hopefully, they will get their blog up soon so you can get to know them!